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Welcome to the series of Laravel blogs! I am sure you have read our last blog on Why to Use Laravel framework for large-scale Applications?. So let’s continue on to the next big topic under this umbrella! Ready? Let’s do this!

As Leland Dieno said,

“Your website is the center of your digital ecosystem, like a brick-and-mortar location, the experience matters once a customer enters, just as much as the perception, they have of you before they walk through the door”.

This quote effectively summarizes what a good website can do for you. Don’t you agree? Small or big, businesses are draining their resources to build websites that provide this immersive experience.

By the end of the blog, you will agree with me on the fact that Laravel is the most popular choice for web development today!

5 Compelling Reasons to Choose Laravel Framework

But why Laravel? This question must be hovering on your mind by now!

So let’s not waste your time and quickly walk you through the reasons here.


  • Laravel is the most scalable web development framework available today. In addition to this, the ease with which it integrates with third-party services makes it the developer’s no. 1 choice.
  • Security and authentication of any website are a primary concerns today. Consequently, the use of hashed passwords and SQL injection attacks in the framework makes it ideal for website development.
  • Laravel framework has a great built-in library and modules which take off a huge amount of load from the developer’s shoulders. Now isn’t that great? Tell me!
  • The recyclable feature of the Laravel framework is an important asset. Now you must be thinking, how! Well, it recycles and reuses the existing components of other programming languages.
  • The composer tool of the Laravel framework makes it the favourite choice for web development in India. Also, this tool helps to code and view the results at the same time. Such a lifesaver, you see!



The above graph shows the growing trend of how the usage of Laravel in website development has increased over the decade.

As per a survey conducted by, there are 1,488,504 websites built on the Laravel framework. Also, out of these around 779,682 are live. Can you imagine the popularity?

Web developers swear by the ease of web development that Laravel provides. And hey, do you want to know the best part? Along with all the framed goodies, it also has multiple built-in libraries and features which come in handy. How cool is that?

Top 10 websites built on laravel framework

Let us have a look at the list of top 10 popular websites that are solely built on the Laravel framework. Here we go!



Alison is a pioneer e-learning platform that provides a wide range of diploma, certificate, and upskilling courses. It has a learner and trainer community of more than 20 million which sprawls over 195 nations over the globe. Impressive, I know!

This website is consequently driven by the vision of providing free education beyond borders. As you will glide through their website you will notice the seamlessness it offers. And all thanks to the Laravel framework used!

The motto of Alison is sharing and building. So keeping up with their motto, Laravel lets you share knowledge throughout various channels without a glitch on the website. The scalability feature of Laravel makes this portal easy to manage and supports the ever-growing community.

Love it, don’t you?



As per Bloomberg, Barchart provides fixed financial data solutions for websites. It also happens to be a global leading stock, forex, cryptocurrency research platform mainly for markets of the USA, UK, Canada.

The Website has a giant collection of tools integrated under one platform. As a result, complex setups are not needed here as Laravel simplifies the whole process. And, guess what? It also has streaming interactive charts which are easy to use.

When time is money, saves your precious time by tracking your trades effortlessly. With a wide plethora of international markets, one can easily invest in their favorite market.

So distance is not an issue now, you see!

3. InvoiceNinja


Now InvoiceNinja is an open-source invoicing solution for businesses and freelancers. In other words, it lets them generate invoices, process payments, track their expenses, and whatnot.

Using the SaaS model gives users the freedom of using the public cloud or their own infrastructure. The Laravel framework of the website gives the option of adding additional users to one profile and setting their permission levels.

Such a creative platform. Isn’t it?

Also, guess what? These Invoices can be customized by using your company’s logo. The invoices generated can be shared through a custom URL link.

You can also attach 3 rdparty files with your invoices generated on this website to justify your expenses. With 170,000 users it is gaining popularity among businesses.

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4. MyRank


Making a mark, MyRank is a vast growing Indian e-learning platform. Additionally, it provides input-based education where students get a chance to enhance their possibilities of cracking competitive exams.

You should visit this website to see the beautiful transitions provided using the Laravel framework. Besides, Myrank supports students by providing them with 24*7 support and in-depth analysis of their preparation.

E-learning portals have databases that are growing at a constant rate. On the other hand, Laravel makes these platforms scalable by managing their databases effectively.

As every student is different, so is the career guidance offered to them. Saving the time and energy of such students by giving timely notifications of competitive exams.

Quite applauding, isn’t it?

Despite the enormous amount of students onboarded the smooth flow of the website is appreciable. What else would you expect from such websites?

5. Contentoo


Contentoo enables users to choose contractors for any particular product. This site provides secure communication between the contractors and their employers. Subsequently, the security feature of the Laravel framework comes into play.

Making rigorous use of the Laravel framework, contentoo lets you create a highly-supportive tool for outsourcing the services to your favorite creator.

How cool that is!

In addition to the regular updates in the components, it lets you integrate 3 rdparty applications. You must visit this website to experience secure pipeline communications.

6. Usetably

Source: is the finest example of the use of automation using the Laravel framework. Laravel framework has become the popular choice for developing booking websites.

Integration of payment gateways offers restaurants seamless bookings and payments. It gives tailored solutions to restaurants by saving their customers’ choices and preferences.

This helps restaurants give a personalized experience to their customers every time they come on board. Happy customers are such an asset, you know!

The use of the Laravel framework allows easy management of bookings.

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7. Flarum


If you are creating a website for a forum then the Laravel framework is the best technology available. Flarum is a live example of it.

Flarum is where you can create complex software with great simplicity. They are efficient and lightweight for execution. Real-time notifications are highly appreciated by current users. Cool isn’t it?

Forums have a huge amount of interactions going on simultaneously. You will never want your interactions to be messed up, right!

Laravel framework is the best website development technology for sites that incorporate interacting communities. It facilitates the flow of authentic data through secured channels.

8. Bagisto


Built on Laravel, Bagisto is an e-commerce platform where you buy and sell without third-party intervention. You can create an online marketplace for your store without having any technical expertise. Isn’t it a lifesaver hack?

Bagisto offers a unique feature of live demo. This may remind you of the Laravel feature of code and view at the same time. Laravel lets you manage the huge database of store inventory at your fingertips.

It gives you admin access to certain parts of the website and lets you remain a simple user at the same time. The modularity offered by Bagisto is a great feature of the Laravel framework.

The payment gateways on this e-commerce platform allow multi-currency transactions by using 3 rdparty application integration features of Laravel. The most desirable feature you see!

The high-quality graphics of Bagisto elevate the aesthetic view of the site.

9. AlphaCoders

Source: is an open-source platform that allows content creators and writers to connect with their fan community. It helps creators to monetize their skills. The blade template engine of Laravel comes in handy here.

This website provides a wide variety of avatars, wallpapers, and a lot of content. It is a growing platform with a new creator or user-added every hour. The main credit for its popularity goes to its uniqueness. Cool isn’t it?

Laravel offers quick implementation on alpha coders that are highly scalable.

It has been a long read I guess. Now comes the reward.

10. OctoberCms


Octobercms is an open-source content management system that is simple at its core. It is an award-winning CMS platform built on the Laravel framework.

The best feature of OctoberCms is the code reusability feature. I hope this clicks you!

One of the greatest web developer woes is code usability. Laravel framework enables this facility. Allowing coders to reuse their code and saving their valuable time.

Laravel lets Octobercms offer a fast template engine. This prevents the site from slowing down. Thanks to the modularity feature of Laravel it lets you create fast landing pages with reusable components.

Octobercms creates one page one file. This is a perfect example of Laravel’s scalability.

This sums up our list of wonderful sites built on the Laravel framework.


Till now you must have understood why Laravel is the most hyped website development tool. It lets you combine the aesthetic view of a website with the ease of coding. So your new website must be on Laravel now!

You can create a high-performance website with multiple functionalities without having to go through complex codes. Security and authentication are at the standards of the modern world.

The quoted websites are the sorcery of the Laravel framework. The most effective PHP framework that not only increases your sales but also gives your customer an immersive experience.

Do tell us other wonderful sites built on the Laravel framework in the comments below!

Reach us out at TheCodeWork, if you are looking for a PHP development company that can build beautiful Laravel websites for you!

Till then, Happy coding !!!

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