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5 Compelling Reasons to Choose Laravel Framework

  • Laravel is the most scalable web development framework available today. In addition to this, the ease with which it integrates with third-party services makes it the developer’s no. 1 choice.
  • Security and authentication of any website are a primary concerns today. Consequently, the use of hashed passwords and SQL injection attacks in the framework makes it ideal for website development.
  • Laravel framework has a great built-in library and modules which take off a huge amount of load from the developer’s shoulders. Now isn’t that great? Tell me!
  • The recyclable feature of the Laravel framework is an important asset. Now you must be thinking, how! Well, it recycles and reuses the existing components of other programming languages.
  • The composer tool of the Laravel framework makes it the favourite choice for web development in India. Also, this tool helps to code and view the results at the same time. Such a lifesaver, you see!


Top 10 websites built on laravel framework



3. InvoiceNinja

4. MyRank

5. Contentoo

6. Usetably

7. Flarum

8. Bagisto

9. AlphaCoders

10. OctoberCms




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