Top 10 Reasons why Laravel framework is ideal for web development — TheCodeWork

What is the Laravel Framework?

Why is Laravel framework so trending today?

Businesses that need Laravel framework the most

1. Enterprise-level applications

2. Data management Players

Top reasons to use Laravel framework for web development

1. MVC Architecture

2. Object Oriented Libraries

  • password resetting (for forgetful people like me).
  • monitoring active users and so on makes it way better than its peers.
  • Another wonderful feature is CSRF (cross-site request forgery) protection offered by built-in authentication libraries. This is a malicious exploit done on behalf of an authenticated user.

3. Artisan Tool

  • database migration.
  • publishing package assets etc.

3. Database Migration and Management

5. Blade Template Engine

6. Top Notch Security

7. Community and Tutorial Support

8. In-Built Project Environment

9. Streamlined Testing Process

10. Automated Package Discovery Process

The Overview



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