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App Development: iOS vs Android

➨ Programming Language Used

Which tech stack is quicker and easier to use?

  • More readable than Java and therefore,
  • Relatively quicker to develop.

Development Environment

What is the best IDE, you ask?

  • Has an adequate source editor as well as an assistant editor, and
  • Is super simple to set up.

➨ Operating System

➨ Complexity of Development

  • Apple releases a very small range of devices each year. So, developers only have to think about a few screen dimensions at a time. You are with me on this, right?
  • When it comes to Android, there are countless Android devices. There are loads of different screen styles to think of depending on the display size, resolution, and OS version.
  • To develop an Android app, the app developer w‍ill have to modify the graphics countless times. All so that the app is presented consistently across all Android devices.
  • Needless to say, both testing and production involve numerous reviews and iterations, taking up both resources and time.

➨ App Design

Apple’s Material Design

Android’s Human Interface Guidelines

➨ Cost and Return

Key Takeaways



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