Welcome back to the series of Augmented Reality blogs! Here we present to you the Augmented Reality Project- A TCW Case Study. Wait, are you new here? If yes, then I would like you to check out our previous two blogs on the fundamentals and rising demand of augmented reality as well as its growing influence in business.

Here you go:

Now see, the purpose of this whole AR flow in our blog section is to introduce you to the growing influence of Augmented Reality in the world of business and how we can help you be a part of…

Augmented Reality is evolving and HOW! It just feels so unreal to have a chunk of fantasy mixed with reality through science & technology. This has further resulted in the giant expansion of AR into every industry that you can think of.

Today we will be discussing the necessity to use AR for your apps if you aspire to rise and shine in today’s market. And don’t you worry about the “how to build an AR app” part, because I think I have you covered. But before disclosing that, let’s first introduce you to the commercial wonders of Augmented Reality.

Starting from all the superhero movies to the science-fiction-laden silver screen, augmented reality is never off the charts. When we watched and got consumed into this fantasy world, did we ever think that this could be real? At least I didn’t. But hey, look at us now!

Thanks to the existence of automated computing hardware, augmented reality is not fiction anymore. Today we are here to discuss the basics of this technology and why it is evolving at such a rapid pace! Are you ready to know about the most wanted tech trend? I bet you are!

Augmented reality (AR)…

fullstack developer

With the onset of digitization, every innovative idea is turned into a viable application or website these days. I am sure you agree with me on this. And trust me it couldn’t get better. It’s such a smooth process to validate innovative ideas, don’t you think?

The global startup culture is on the rise and full-stack developers are a part of this massive evolution. As a result, fullstack developers are always in demand. Nevertheless, hiring fullstack developers who have the relevant skills for your project is a very difficult job.

As reported by the Evan Data Group, at present there…

Today’s market is crowded with smart minds who are efficient enough to start their own business. Want to know the best part? They are oh-so-successful at what they do. However, this has led to huge competition in the domain of business and startups. I am sure you agree with me on this!

So how do you move forward and past this market which is screaming with various versions of the same business model that you have? I think you have guessed it already! YES, your business needs to stand out.

Now even standing out is a difficult activity when your…

In 2021, we are living in the digital age. Consequently, our lives have shifted to the online podium, right? Now in order to live up to that standard, every form of activity is being digitalized. This has led to the rapid development of web and mobile applications. The form of innovation is elevating each day and so is the necessity to adopt the best kind of tech stack to work with. You agree with me, don’t you?

At present, we are a part of the new decade where technology stacks are vital keys to innovation and consequently govern the domain…

Who is he? Who is Steve Jobs and why are we here to talk about him? Well, I am sure everyone knows about him already. But have you ever wondered what qualities of his you can absorb and retain to find success for yourself? Bingo! That’s exactly why we are here today!

Recently I watched his documentary — Billion dollar hippy and I couldn’t just stop there. I moved ahead and watched all the movies that I could find on the OTT platforms. You must be wondering why! Well, I started noting down takeaways for personal growth from the documentary…

Diversity — Inclusion of LGBTQ+ in tech and its future.

NO! We are NOT going to talk about a list of successful LGBTQ+ business tycoons here. A lot of that information is already there on the internet. We are here to address the future of the LGBTQ+ community in tech and how it’s gradually evolving in the right direction. Read up!

June is the month that screams of celebrations. What kind of celebrations am I talking about? Well, I am talking about the commemorations of developments in civil rights for gay, lesbian, bisexual as well as transgender (LGBT) groups and communities.

As we all know, technology has integrated social and…

online forums for entrepreneurs 2021

You must be thinking about what exactly are “entrepreneur forums”, right? Well, entrepreneur forums are web communities consisting of fresh as well as experienced entrepreneurs. Such communities and forums act as a genuine platform to have conversations dedicated to the growth and maintenance of a startup business and venture. How great is that?

It’s an innovative approach to doing business. Here’s why!

  • You can dig up new business ideas
  • Share marketing strategies
  • Find a suitable digital mentor
  • Get in touch with potential clients
  • Form your own community with like-minded business people

Starting a new business is the most exciting activity…

Evolution of Low Code technology

Let’s talk a bit about the Evolution of Low Code technology, shall we?

Low-code is a new approach to software development that needs minimal coding to build various applications. A low-code technology building platform makes use of visual interfaces in combination with drag-and-drop topographies.

As you can already understand, it uses simple logic for the overall activity. So what’s the catch here? Don’t you already see it? Low code technology helps you get rid of the knowledge of extensive coding languages.

It is more of a visual programming platform that helps build applications with ease. If you do not belong…


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